Use Cases

# Credit Scoring and Risk Analysis

# Fast decision making on Loan affordability

Spin Mobile provides recommended amounts for both secured and unsecured loans. We also provide historical information on highest loan amounts provided by other lending institutions for benchmarking.

# Risk analysis of Borrower

Spin Mobile provides a risk matrix depending on the customer’s financial liquidity and behaviour. We take the time to analyse what your customer does with their money so that you

# Cash Flow analysis

Spin Mobile provides you with a breakdown of the liquidity of your customer on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This helps predict when the customer is best suited to pay you back.

# External CRBs

Spin Mobile is integrated with Metropol and Transunion Credit bureaus to give you a holistic view of the customer

# Behavior analysis

# Understand your customers spending habits

Spin Mobile shows you where the money is coming from and where it is going to. We categorize where customers are spending their money the most. As the saying goes “ Follow the money …” How much of their income are they spending on drinking?

# Does your customer have a gambling addiction?

Spin Mobile provides a fair head to head analysis on how much your customers spend on betting and how much they receive back. Do they borrow money to bet?

# Saving culture

Spin Mobile does analysis on whether your customer saves or not. What percentage of their income do they save? Can they pay you back if there is a disruption in their income stream?

# Upselling opportunities

Spin Mobile analyzes financial data and finds opportunities for you to upsell other products such as insurance or school fees loans. Are your customer’s car owners? Do they have children in school?

# Account Verification

# Faster onboarding & KYC process

Spin Mobile is connected to Vast KYC data sources including IPRS to confirm and verify KYC information about your customers. We verify information from service providers and government databases to ensure that fraudsters do not get the best of you.

# Tax pin verification.

Spin Mobile also connects to Tax revenue authorities to verify tax registration information provided by your customers.

# Fraud Detection

# Are you afraid of fake bank statements?

Spin Mobile has an extensive security check system that is dedicated to verifying the authenticity of E-statements to protect you from fraudsters.

# Skip tracing & debt collection.

# Close contacts

Spin Mobile provides you with people who are the closest to your customer.

# Probable locations

Spin Mobile provides you with possible locations where you can find the customer if they decide to go MIA on you. It also acts as a verification mechanism on locations registered by customers.